Shiokura Mozuku Facility

Mozuku treatment facility "fully automatic mozuku processing facility" with the most advanced automation and rationalization

We have been developing mozuku processing equipment in Okinawa Prefecture for a long time.
In 1998, we completed our own equipment sequentially with cleaning equipment, transport pumps, and metering filling machines, and in 1998, we launched a "fully automatic mozuku treatment facility" that should be called the culmination of the developed technology,平良市漁業協同組合様delivered to the company.

Mozuku Treatment Facility - Plant Features and Processes

1.Mozuku is processed fully automatically and continuously and sent to the freezing and salt storage process.
It is a compact device with a large processing power.
From light washing to effective washing, the washing degree can be changed with one touch.
Easy to handle.
No complex electrical control is required.
Cleaning work after completion of work is easy.

2.We have developed a pump that does not cut mozuku for the transport of Mozuku.
Each device can be freely placed.
Cleaning work after completion of work is easy.
The pump is used in the following four places.
3.Reliable draining is possible.
Reliable draining makes it possible to clean frozen mozuku.
The salt storage tank and the weighing and filling machine can be directly connected.
The drainer is used in the following two places.
4.Salt and mozuku are mixed in a blender.
Mozuku and salt are mixed while adding at the same time, so it is mixed reliably.
It is a fixed-body mixing device that can be turned in and discharged with simple operation during operation.
The mixing volume at a time is about 300 kg, and one process is completed in 4 to 5 minutes.
All mixing operations are automatic.

5.The weighing and filling equipment can be used from 18 liter cans to network containers.
Fully automatic weighing and filling equipment.
It is fast and has good weighing accuracy.

Mozuku processing-related equipment

1.計量・反転投入機 MHK-1000B

2.定量供給タンク MFT-3000R

3.連続洗浄装置 MS-3000R

4.目視選別装置 MC-3000R

5.振動水切機 MDS-3000R

6.加圧水切機 MDP-3000R



9.熱処理装置 MNR-1000R

10.連続ミキサー MM-3000R



13.全自動梱包機 MK-3B